How to Use this Site


Welcome to Lego League Coaching! I put this site together to help first time Lego League coaches to learn the ins and outs of coaching that I had to learn on my own. The site is divided up into sections related to each of the judging criteria. Here is a map of various posts to get direct you … Continue reading

Fostering Teamwork

Fostering teamwork is a tricky thing. With 6-10 personalities that don't yet know tact, conflicts inevitably arise. I've been fortunate that since my second year of coaching, my teams only had one big conflict. I think that has a lot to with the fact that all those teams were all girls … Continue reading

Senior Solutions Field Kit

I received the new field kit for Senior Solutions a few weeks ago and now finally have time to write about it. In case you haven't seen the mat layout, here it is: I'm struck by the fact that there are a lot of obstacles this year. Nothing is easy to get to. I'm also intrigued by the … Continue reading