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Regional Tournament Ref

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I had the pleasure of being a referee at one of the Minnesota regional tournaments today. I had a blast!

The best part was that my daughter came along and was my assistant for the day. They let her wear a referee shirt and she helped me reset the board after each run.

It was really cool to see all the different robots that the teams came up with. Being a ref gives you exposure to a lot of different kids and gives you a little bit of insight into how they think. I know how excited our team gets when missions get completed and it was fun to watch a multitude of teams get excited about their robot runs.

This tournament was actually scheduled for December 11, but due to a big storm that came through our state that weekend, all the tournaments for the weekend were cancelled and then rescheduled for this weekend. Because of the rescheduling, some kids couldn’t make it. One team was left with only one team member. But he persevered and was a very good sport about being the only one there. We, the officials, gave him the Judges Award for hanging in there. The head judge told him, as he was leaving the stage, “this award is usually for teams or schools, but this is yours alone.” Everyone cheered.

It was an exhausting day, but it was a very fun experience. It was made all the more fun because my daughter was along. I definitely plan to ref again in years to come.

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