banner I have been a Lego League coach since 2007. This year, I wanted to document the season to give rookie coaches a resource to help them through to competition. The process can be intense, but it can also be a lot of fun for you and your team.

I hope to cover enough through my posts, but if I leave anything out, please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me.

Fostering Teamwork

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Fostering teamwork is a tricky thing. With 6-10 personalities that don’t yet know tact, conflicts inevitably arise. I’ve been fortunate that since my second year of coaching, my teams only had one big conflict. I think that has a lot to with the fact that all those teams were all girls teams. My first year, […]


How to Use this Site

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Welcome to Lego League Coaching! I put this site together to help first time Lego League coaches to learn the ins and outs of coaching that I had to learn on my own. The site is divided up into sections related to each of the judging criteria. Here is a map of various posts to […]


Teamwork Judging

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The last judging category is in Teamwork. As I mentioned before, in Minnesota’s regional tournaments, the Project and Teamwork judges are in the same room and take turns asking questions. I would be interested to hear if other tournaments are the same way. As with the other judging categories, the rubrics from FIRST are in […]



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Break team into pairs or 3s to complete missions Pair up experienced and inexperienced together Pair outgoing kids together and shy kids together Don’t put friends together Don’t be afraid to adjust sub-teams as season goes on Between the project and the robot programming, there is a lot to do. When it comes to the […]